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Sabtu, 08 September 2007

Loving You - ENG Version

(It seems like I love you)

When I look at you my heart races
When you speak I don't hear you perfectly
When I look in your eyes I'm hypnotised
You're taken over my senses
I don't listen, I just stare stupidly at your beauty
The only person for you is me
The things we made caused me to be this way
Maybe I like you, I like you a lot
My heart just wants to be with you sometimes
From first thing in the morning and all day long
I just think I met you, but it is real!
Everything will leave if I smile and continue to be single
Everything just looks so pretty
Your face is stamped on my eyes
Beautiful music fills my ears
I'm so happy to be with you that my heart is light
I feel like I'm flying through space
It seems like the whole day is enjoyable
I'm already your property
Why are you worried? This won't end
The most important words, the words I want to say
I'm a fool, the words of "I love you"

I'm happy because it seems I'm falling in love with you
I seem to love you more as the day goes on
Everyday all I do is think of you
I can't help smiling when I run to you

Maybe you'll always be this to me
All the girls I meet do this
What do you see in my wondering eyes?
What does my gaze say to you when you look up at me?
Your gaze does not lie
Even if you lips can, in your eyes you can't
Don't worry, just let you heart fall for me
It is really alright, I won't be hurt, so come and hug me
Is this a dream?
I am happy, maybe for a while I'm touched
Sometimes I'm frightened of my feelings
Sometimes I want to touch you
I want to feel that it is not a dream, I can't let it go

* Repeat

Is There Anything That You Want Me To Do For You
Baby I¡¯m So In Love And This Is All Because Of You
I will do everything for you, everything
I will lose everything because of what you do to me
Cause I Love You Cause I Love You

* Repeat x2

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