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Sabtu, 08 September 2007

If We Were To get Married... - Cool

No matter how much I think,
It seems all it matter is if you have me
But how many more farewells must you encounter
To know this fact?

I think I got to know a little better,
Of what men are really like
When we deal with people,
Experience is the best method

If you wait like that, your age and wrinkles increase
Why are you making your past so that you can blame it?
Just chose me!

*Marry me, with closed eyes, and my life for you
I will throw everything else away,
Just trust your life in me

**Marry me, trust me...
But truthfully I dont have any confidence
I dont know about anything else but promise me..

Oh~ I will love you

When you are lonely and alone
You want to get married
After you get married, you want a child
After you get a child, and time passes,
They say that they get jealous of people who are alone

Those people who have already gotten married,
When they listen to my story,
They say those were the good times..
And they dont seem very happy

Yea, its like that, everything changes
You get to be alone again sometimes
Love is such a confusing thing

Maybe the love may start off as an illusion but
Inside the reality, wouldnt just be crumbling?

Marry me, my love is till the world ends
Because Im gonna make a love
A love with the last confession

repeat **
Oh~ You will be happy

Do you love me? (Of course)
I dont know yet...
Why are the guys that have passed me
Floating up in my mind all of a sudden?

repeat *
repeat **
Oh~ We will be forever

If we were to get married (definately risking my life)
If we did get married (I will take full responsibility till the end)
If we were going to live one life (With no betrayment)
We need to protect our love,
If we were to get married...

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Anonim mengatakan...

I always inspired by you, your opinion and attitude, again, thanks for this nice post.

- Murk